How did you spend your school holidays?

Fishing, camping, bushwalking, videos, eating ice cream, playing with your mates or just sleeping in til lunch time?

Some of my fondest and most treasured memories of school holidays were the weeks I would spend with Grandma and Grandad on the family farm at Myalla, west of Wynyard.
Grandma would buy me an ice cream to eat each day, rent some videos and cook a sponge cake while Grandad would take me wood cutting, up to the diary and, and these were the best days, take me fishing.Camping

There was also a great chance to hang out with cousins you only see every few months when holidays were on or at Christmas.

So, when we are in between terms for Uni, how do I spend these “holidays”?

It’s school holiday time and Sarah brought the kids in to have lunch with me which was great. Just because it’s holidays from Uni, work doesn’t have the same breaks <insert snipe remark about school teachers here>.

I have been using the time to really get ahead at work so that when Uni starts again I am ready to rock and roll and nail both down.

The only issue I have is that any thoughts I have about getting into the garden or going to Horseshoe Falls at Mt Field National Park have been shot in the leg…the knee to be precise.

A few weeks ago, a good mate of mine suggested that I get a little bit fitter and have fun playing a team sport. Yep, sounds about right.

“You can lose a bit of weight,” he said.
“You can meet new people,” he added.
“You will be fitter,” he concluded.

So, I did, as you do.

I went along to the back blocks of Brighton to play a trial game with the DOSA Football Club. My only stipulation was that I would only play round ball if I was allowed to use my hands. I thought my time as a hockey keeper would come in handy (see the pun I did there).

Started off like a Ferrari with a flat tyre as the first couple of goals fizzed past be at the back post and suddenly I realised something I’ve rarely felt. I might not be so good at this.

We got about half an hour in and I found my two left feet a bit but then came the moment that would ruin my school holidays. No fishing, no footy, no bloody anything.

I ran out to collect a through ball which had as striker running onto it. We crashed like Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutierrez in Melbourne in 2016. I was Alonso.

After six weeks of hobbling around like a half shut pocket knife I finally went to the doctor who shipped me off for an MRI scan. I went back in and he told me I hard partially torn my anterior cruciate ligament, have an insufficiency fBob 2racture on my tibial plateau and torn meniscus. Yep, well played Billy Bustalot.
I didn’t quite go the full Bob Murphy but it seems I went close. Mum always said “you’re allowed to go close.”

Referred to a butcher, I was expecting to be on the public list for the next 12 months. Here’s a trap for new players. If you have private health and comeagutsa, report to the doc ASAP or they won’t cover you. I waited and was told that I should have been in to see the doc within 72 hours.
I was told that there was no waiting so my little Thursday morning was thrown into a spin when he said I would be under the knife on Monday!

My frequent flyer miles with the Tasmanian Health system will get a good boost. I mean, this will be knee op number three to add to a hip (same injury as Lleyton Hewitt except I dDr Nickidn’t bust it winning Wimbledon), tear duct (as a baby) and an appendix which was, in the doctor’s words, “agitated”.

My school holidays are in tatters. All those jobs that I wasn’t looking forward to doing and procrastinating over will now just have to wait. Bu as Toby Keith sang, “wouldn’t change the course of fate, if mowing the grass just had to wait.”

It looks like I’ll be working from home, waited on hand and foot by my eight, six and two year olds minions and driving Sarah up the wall. Perfect chance to brush up on the new Laws of Cricket, finalise some recruitment material and save myself $4 a day on coffee.

Maybe my holidays won’t be so bad after all.


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