As with most questions, there is not necessarily a simple answer. It’s not a simple question like “what is the capital of Tasmania?” We all know the answer to that is T.

I recently went through a job interview process for a higher role and missed out. While initially extremely disappointed, the opportunity presented itself to learn from the experience.
Feedback I received was about my interview technique and my expectations of the role. I presented well but when asked certain questions I did not demonstrate an ability to explain well enough how I would turn my positive attitude into actions, both in terms of operational and strategic actions.

My idea of the role may have also have been different to what the company was looking for. I will say I saw what the person in the role had achieved and believed that I could do the job well with a couple of changes to make the role my own. The company was looking for something different.

So, what does this have to do with education? Well, by staying in my current role and with the blessing of my employer I can continue my university studies and help develop into a candidate that may be considered for another job is and when the opportunity arises.

Term three has started and I’m excited for the subjects. One is Business Finance and the other is Sport and Recreation Admin.

The workload looks pretty big for this term but as with the last couple it’s a case of getting in and getting it done. The chance to learn from all aspect so life.

Education is key, and education can be found in so many different areas. It could be through formal education like school, Uni or courses run by registered training organisation like a fork lift truck licence. It could be upskilling courses through work or it could be in your day to day dOtto Mannealings with the public.
What can you learn from your bus driver? A child may learn about giving money and receiving change. A teenager could learn how much it costs to get from Lauderdale to the City. A middle-aged person could learn a new route for getting from Glenorchy to Kingston. An older person might learn that the regular driver is a Geelong supporter who has two grand kids attending Bowen Road Primary.

Without education, how can we hope to progress in life?

What is education and how do we know we have been educated or educated something else?

This is a very open ended question. There are dictionary definitions but, having rarely thought about it before, I believe that education is the sharing of knowledge.

Just last night we had a tutorial for the Sport and Rec Admin course. This was as a very small group of two of us and the lecturer. It was a great opportunity to learn about different point of view. We discussed the public sphere which is the information shared between an authority (state, governing body etc.) and the public (members, general public etc.). We also shared war stories of great sporting scandals including the Rebel cricket tour of South Africa and the South East Melbourne Magic throwing a play-off game so the players to be paid. I learned about corporate mismanagement in this case and our lecturer learned about the poisoning scandal at the 1995 Rugby World Cup where the All Blacks were poisoned before the final which South Africa won which lead to one of the great sporting moments of Nelson Mandela handing the William Webb Ellis Cup to Springbok Captain Francois Pienaar.

This song by American country artist Eric Church perfectly illustrates my point of learning from any avenue.

To answer the initial question, the sharing of information is key to education and as I progress into term three of Uni and a bumper cricket season, the challenge is to continue to be educated from all avenues and not miss an opportunity to learn.



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