G’day, my name is Will Braid.


I’m a husband, father, sports administrator, umpire and university student. With all this on it’s hard to find time to do too much of anything else but by being a devoted husband, loving father, dedicated worker, aspiring umpire and challenged student I find that life is full of enjoyment. As the tagline says on the front, if I can’t have fun, I’m not coming.

Through my professional career I have held a myriad of different jobs for different lengths of time including journalist, irrigation technician, paddock worker, sports administrator, sports coach and even call centre worker and service station attendant. Through all these jobs I have learned to be versatile and adaptable but most of all, the key lesson, has been to work well in a team and be willing to chip in and get the job done.

My working philosophy is not too dissimilar to the edict on the front page. I believe in getting the job done in a timely and professional manner but there is always an element of being able to have fun whilst working hard. This is key to everything I do. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured and with almost a third of your life spent studying or working (paid or volunteer) it is crucial that there is an opportunity to make merry and create a fun working environment.

I think this is why I have a resume as long as my arm. Once a job stops being fun, it’s time for something new. I am lucky enough now that I am in a role I enjoy and I find fun and challenging. Previous jobs all started in a blaze of glory but with my current employer I am hopeful of attending my fourth Christmas party, something I have never done with two seeming to be a magic number.

My hopes for the future include internal promotion to a managerial role where I am. I enjoy leading groups of people. The dream is to remain inside the sporting industry, hence the associate degree in Applied Business specialising in Sport, Recreation and Leisure.