This page is for supporting artefacts for all subjects

ZAA201 Assessment task three – Captains report stats used to create report Historical Captains reports

ZAA105 Assessment Task three – Communications Toolkit – ZAA105 Assignment 3

ZAA105 – Week Three content quiz on Active Listening

ZAA105 – T20I Umpires – Questions asked of the T20I ICC Playing Control Team

ZAA105 – Pictures from the T20I ICC Playing Control Team session I hosted (below)

ZAA105 – ZAA105 Module 1 – Public Speaking – Responses to content on Public speaking including review of Steve Job speech and bad public speaking clips

University Colleges –

ZAA104 – Appendix 1 – Organisation Chart – Appendix to ZAA104 Assessment Three

ZAA104 2016-17 Average Age – Average Tasmanian umpire age spreadsheet

ZAA104 Umpire Recruitment Overview – Cricket Umpiring Meme Campaign Overview

ZAA104 Meme Recruitment Proposal – Cricket Umpiring recruitment memes

ZAA104 – First pieces of information, Before and After for the Marketing for Business course

ZAA104_Marketing activity_BEFORE

ZAA104_Marketing activity_AFTER



Associate Degree – Photos taken at Kardinia Park in Geelong. Artefacts to give an idea of the fan experience

Associate Degree – Video I created to help with cricket umpire retention. This was the first video I have made and will serve as a watermark for how I started out making videos.

Associate Degree – YouTube clip on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. This is a great resource for creating video content which I will use in this course.

Associate Degree – TED Talk about online learning. saved as a good companion piece for those looking to study this Associate Degree –

ZAA102 – Article distributed by Cricket Australia which highlights a couple of my key values including doing the basics well and how to build a successful culture in business.

ZAA108 – Video of Nico Rosberg speaking about risk management for Formula One Drivers. Specific reference to “The management of risk is a human decision” (2:14)

ZAA108 – Article on Susie Wolff, former Williams F1 test driver on risk management for drivers –

ZAA102 – Skills Audit – Study Skills – Skills Audit – Study Skills
ZAA102 – Skills Audit – Essential Skills – Skills Audit – Essential Skills
ZAA102 – Skills Audit – Professional Competencies – Skills Audit – Professional Competencies

ZAA108 – Ted Talk with Jim Thompson. Stored as artefact with particular reference to “Mistake Ritual” (11:31) and culture as “The Way We Do Things Here” (11:10)




ZAA101 – Feedback forms on my pitch on MyCricket in the Mersey Valley Cricket Association. Provided by Elle Darling



ZAA101 – Feedback forms on my pitch on MyCricket in the Mersey Valley Cricket Association. Provided by Cody Baker

ZAA101 – Burnie Cricket League website. An example of using MyCricket. Artefact to support ZAA101 Assignment Three

ZAA101 – Myalla Cricket Club website. An example of using MyCricket. Artefact to support ZAA101 Assignment Three

ZAA101 – Bouncebackability – This presentation was given at the Cricket Tasmania Southern Training and Appointments meeting on 25 Jan 2017

ZAA101 – CT Southern Training and Appointments Meeting Notes on website designed and maintained by me – These are a copy of the meeting notes I create and circulate after each Cricket Tasmania Southern Training and Assessment meeting.

ZAA106 – Harsha Bhogle TED Talk on T20 revolution in India – Posted in Artefacts for reference

ZAA106 – Harsha Bhogle and Kerry O’Keeffe Chilli – Posted in Artefacts to accompany Harsha Bhogle TED talk. Might be useful to lighten the mood of future work.

ZAA106 – Cricinfo article on the cons of being a freelance cricketer. – Posted in artefacts as a balance to the Harsha Bhogle TEX Talk

2016 CT Laws Assessment – This is the Cricket Tasmania Laws of Cricket Exam referenced in ZAP101 assignment. This is the one that is to be upgraded.

Business Card