Term 1 2017

ZAA101 Assignment Two Submission Three – Emerging Technology Reflection for Assignment Two looking at off field technology with cricket umpiring

ZAA106 Assignment 3, Part B – Reflection Spiral Piece on the Uni Sixes! Program for Assignment Three

ZAA106 Assignment 3, Part A.potx – Powerpoint Presentation to accompany ZAA106 Assignment 3, Part A. Presented at workshop relating to this assignment

ZAP 101 Critical Thinking Task – Critical Think Task for ZAP101. Reflecting on a phrase that was given to me by a former employer.

ZAP102 What does a diverse set of needs and wants mean for you – Reflection on what diverse needs mean to me

Term 3 2017

ZAA103 Assignment Two – Report to the Board based on the Business Simulation game in week two.

ZAA111 – Case Study – Case study into organisational culture

Term 4 2017

ZAA113 Assignment 1a – Cost benefit analysis – Umpire recruitment

ZAA104 Assessment Three – Reflection Piece as part of final assessment

ZAA104 Assessment Two – Assessment 2 Reflection Worksheet Questions

ZAA104 Assessment 2 – Poster

ZAA104 Assessment Two Feedback